Centralized Impoundment – Any in-ground impression constructed off of the well site or shared by multiple wells which is used to store and aggregate flowback and produced water
within the scope of this program.

Core Area – an area of well concentration that is being developed and produced with the area defined based on the concentration of leases, geography, transportation distance, drilling intensity/density, number of exploratory wells, gathering systems, boundaries defined in gathering agreements, topography.

Fresh Groundwater – Water in that portion of the generally recognized hydrologic cycle which occupies the pore spaces and fractures of saturated subsurface materials.

Pit – Any in-ground impression constructed on a well site that is used for the storage or disposal of residual waste from the development of a natural gas well.

Reportable Spill – A spill or release of a substance associated with natural gas extraction that must be reported to the government pursuant to applicable state and federal regulation.

Wastewater – Water returned to the surface from drilling, well stimulation, production, or plugging operations in connection with unconventional natural gas development.