Center for Sustainable Shale Development (CSSD)

Fact Sheet on Producer Performance Standards
Organization’s Initial Focus on 15 Initial Standards

The newly formed Center for Sustainable Shale Development (CSSD) announced that it has established 15 initial performance standards that are protective of air quality, water resources and climate.

While full details on the standards are available at, the major areas addressed by the initial performance standards include:

Air and Climate protection, including:
• Limitations on Flaring
• Use of Green Completions/Reduced Emissions
• Reduced Engine Emissions
• Emissions Controls on Storage Tanks
Surface and Ground Water Protection, including:
• Maximizing Water Recycling
• Development of Groundwater Protection Plans
• Closed Loop Drilling
• Well Casing Design
• Groundwater Monitoring
• Wastewater Disposal
• Impoundment Integrity
• Reduced Toxicity Fracturing Fluid

CSSD also plans to collaboratively develop and share best practices.

It is anticipated that these performance standards will expand and evolve over time as new information is developed. These standards will form the foundation of CSSD’s independent, third‐party
certification process. Gas producers can begin seeking certification in these areas later in 2013.