Center for Sustainable Shale Development:
Bureau Veritas, Initial Auditor

Upon implementation of its independent, third-­‐party certification and verification process, the Center for Sustainable Shale Development (CSSD) has maintained its commitment to prudent and
environmentally protective development of shale gas resources. The certification and verification process is based on the Center’s 15 initial performance standards.
Critical to the success of this process has been the establishment of a comprehensive program to identify, evaluate and accredit world-­‐class auditing firms qualified to conduct data collection and verification activities.

In January 2014, CSSD announced that it has begun implementation of its verification and certification process in partnership with Bureau Veritas (BV), a global leader in independent testing, inspection and certification. BV will serve as the initial independent auditor.

At the same time, CSSD will conduct a competitive bidding process through a “Request for Proposals” to select a CSSD-­‐accredited auditing firm that will conduct all CSSD audits for the next two-­‐year period. This bidding process is expected to be complete and a selection made by June 2014. Bureau Veritas and any firm that meets CSSD’s accreditation standards will have the opportunity to compete for this assignment.

Verification & Certification
There are three primary components of the verification and certification framework at CSSD:
1. Auditor Standards and Accreditation – These standards establish the requirements for impartiality, knowledge, skill and resources to meet the scope, scale and geography of operations being evaluated. All selected independent auditing firms have met these qualifications.
2. Guidance for Third-­‐party Auditors – Guidance for auditors details the specific measures that must be met to provide assurance of conformity to CSSD’s 15 performance standards; including specific instruction on the kinds of data, reporting and documentation producers must provide.
3. Producer Performance Verification Protocol – The producer verification protocol sets out the frequency and intensity of the field and office audit process; providing for extensive follow-­‐up activities, on-­‐site visits and follow-­‐up activities.

Any selection of an auditing firm to work with CSSD in the verification and certification of producers will be based on a management system that meets the requirements of ISO 17021 and CSSD’s established standards. Lead auditors and other members of the auditing team are required to meet CSSD’s qualifications that encompassed experience in the auditing of safety and environmental management systems, technical expertise, education, formal training and experience in oil and gas upstream operations; environmental health, safety and risk management system standards, and API risk-­‐based inspection certification.

Once accredited by CSSD, an auditing firm receives a Certificate of Accreditation that is active for three years, but is regularly reviewed to ensure continued compliance with all requirements.

Jorge Hercules, Vice President, Bureau Veritas Certification North America, on CSSD:“Bureau Veritas Certification NA is proud to support the CSSD Certification Program by using our independent auditing experience to provide field and office audits against the requirements of the new standards. The CSSD program is the first certification program related to shale and performance and we look forward to contributing to the development of the CSSD standards to support best practices and the continuous improvement of social and environmental performance of shale gas activities.”

About Bureau Veritas
Bureau Veritas has 55,000 employees in 1,300 offices located in 140 countries. The company is a global leader in conformity assessment and certification services. Bureau Veritas offers services for the growing challenges of quality, safety, environmental protection and social responsibility and is recognized and accredited by major national and international organizations. The company works toreduce risk, improve performance and promote sustainable development.

About Center for Sustainable Shale Development (CSSD)
Based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, CSSD is an independent organization whose mission is to support continuous improvement and innovative practices through performance standards and third-­‐party certification in the Appalachian Basin.

Funded by philanthropic foundations and participating energy companies, CSSD promotes collaborative efforts by a diverse and comprehensive group of stakeholders to address the imperatives for prudent development of shale gas resources as called for by the Shale Gas Production Subcommittee of the U.S. Secretary of Energy’s Advisory Board; the National Petroleum Council; and the International Energy Agency. For more information, visit,