Confidentiality of Information

The AF shall treat all information or data, in any format, obtained through the CSSD third-­‐party audit  and certification program as confidential trade secrets. The AF shall not share or disclose such  information or data with other AFs, other CSSD member organizations or any other third-­‐party unless  agreed to in writing by the owner of such information or data, except as required by applicable law.  Auditors shall conduct themselves in a professional and ethical manner.

The AF shall be impartial per ISO 17021.

General requirements for AF
The AF shall show evidence that its management system has been accredited to ISO 17021 for EMS  (ISO 14001), OHSAS, ACC RCMS or RC 14000 management system certification by an accreditation body  that is a member of the International Accreditation Forum (IAF).

Or the AF should be audited by the CSSD to verify that its management system meets the most current  edition of ISO/IEC 17021 and the requirements for CSSD accreditation.  The AF shall have a documented process for ensuring that its auditors meet the requirements  regarding the training and qualification as described in CSSD “Auditors Qualification” document dated  08/19/2013.

The AF shall provide auditors qualified to perform audit related to the CSSD standards. The AF shall designate a unique contact person responsible for the communication between the AF and  the CSSD. The AF shall notify the CSSD in the 15 business days any change of this contact person.

CSSD can participate in and witness an audit by the AF of the facilities of any applicant for CSSD  certification at any time. The AF shall coordinate the audit with CSSD and the applicant’s facility for the  CSSD witness audits.

The AF shall notify the CSSD of any major change in its organization such as management system policies/processes, critical processes, ownership, location, loss of significant accreditation, which can impact its ability to perform CSSD audits. The CSSD can perform a supplementary assessment as a result of these changes if required.

Initial accreditation
Before the application the AF shall ensure that the following requirements are met:

  • management system meets the requirements of the most current edition of ISO 17021 for ISO
    14001/RC14001 and or OHSAS and CSSD requirements;
  • AF staff that is involved in the CSSD third party auditing shall be trained as specified by CSSD’s
    Auditor Qualification document ; and
  • the Lead Auditors and Auditors should be qualified as per CSSD’s Auditor Qualification

Application and document review
The AF shall send the following documents to CSSD for review:

  • the accreditation application form completed with the signed accreditation agreements;
  • the certificate of accreditation related to ISO 14001/RC14001 and or OHSAS 18001 if applicable;
  • Management System Policy that concerns the delivery of CSSD auditing services addressing ISO 17021 and CSSD requirements; and
  • Documented evidence of the personnel competence involved in CSSD audit and certification processes.

Office audit
The CSSD shall perform an office audit at the AF location to ensure the implementation of the  requirements of ISO 17021 and CSSD in the AF management system.

An accreditation Decision Review will be started only once all the NCR(s) identified during the office audit are addressed and then accepted by the CSSD. NCRs are to be addressed in the 90 days after the end of the Office audit.

Field audit
The CSSD will perform a witness audit of a shale facility by the AF to assure the AF meets the requirements of CSSD and is competent.
The AF shall make the arrangements with CSSD for the witness audit.

Accreditation Decision Review
Once all the NCRs raised during the office and witness audit are resolved to CSSD’s satisfaction, the CSSD will review the complete application of the AF to make the Accreditation decision.